First Date Ideas

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  • theyloveginaa ( 19, Sugar baby / Houston, TX )

    I am very open to first dates. We can go out to eat or we can do something fun. Traveling is fine as well. As long as we have fun and you keep me entertained and laughing thr date will be splendid

  • Beautifulbrookly ( 19, Sugar baby / Lake Mary, FL )

    Going to the beach walking around town going to an amusement park doing things outside is fun.

  • captain_a ( 19, Sugar baby / Longview, TX )

    I'd love for my Sugar Daddy to take me out and buy me a book or two as well as a stuffed animal!

  • Bebedesucre22_ ( 23, Sugar baby / Dundalk, MD )

    I'm not into the typical dinner and a movie. I like to be fun and spontaneous. Surprise me and take me on a picnic at the beach under the stores. Or if your more dangerous lets get dirty and go play a game of paintball.

  • brittneylpettit ( 25, Sugar baby / Chesnee, SC )

    Restaurant of choice sometimes I can be a picky eater but i make do. Or shopping

  • AuburnSugar ( 20, Sugar baby / Auburn University, AL )

    Like I've said in my profile, I consider myself a care-free person and do not really put much thought into dates. Dates in fancy restaurants aren't bad at all but I prefer something more laid back like maybe going to the...  read more>>

  • Sophie88 ( 27, Sugar baby / Claypool, AZ )

    I'm still young and honestly im not picky. I do like it when a man makes plans :)

  • ventureventura ( 21, Sugar baby / Clarksville, TN )

    as much as I love fancy dinners, movies and ice cream dates, I would love to go hiking or adventuring. Cliche stuff, such as sitting in a field and watching a meteor shower. I appreciate any kind of "date" that...  read more>>

  • amy670 ( 28, Sugar baby / Taiwan )

    I just wanna make some friends here, you know, chat sometimes, that's it.....haven't think about going out in the future.

  • TalieJoy ( 22, Sugar baby / Castleton, VT )

    Anything goes. I wouldn't mind going for a walk around town, or going out to eat. Anything where we could talk and get to know each other.

  • Alex714 ( 22, Sugar baby / Houston, TX )

    Exploring the city, outdoor lunch or dinner. Get a view of the stars at night. Get to know one another

  • Simplyjm7 ( 26, Sugar baby / Huntington Beach, CA )

    Somewhere that isn't a bar/club, I'm not interested in that scene but I like to have a good time. A nice time at the local museum or cute quiet cafe spot

  • Angelae000 ( 30, Sugar baby / Chicago, IL )

    Hmmm....possibilities arw endless. Ill let you decide. You know what you like.

  • julian16002 ( 31, Sugar baby / Washington, DC )

    Well, its lovely, cool, and nice. I wish I could find a man like my first lover, a man wo always knows what I up to, a man who know when I'm happy and when I'm not, a man who knows what I deserve at the right time. Oh it...  read more>>

  • Bamababe13 ( 26, Sugar baby / Chunchula, AL )

    Somewhere that we can talk and get to know each other better.