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  • catalinaroze ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Great Lakes, IL )

    Take me somewhere I've never been before. Whether it's a museum, favorite restaurant, a sporting event, or even something as simple as the beach or a park. I'm not hard to please :)

  • EvaWolff ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Russia )

    Something interesting and funny :)

  • Jahreia ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Arlington, TX )

    I have a bit of a creative mind, so I imagine being blindfolded then taken to a romantic picnic & doing something we both enjoy together

  • Jaycee95 ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Winnipeg, MB )

    The perfect first date is a gourmet cooking class with good wine. Good food, better wine, a fun activity, and something to tease each other about sounds like the perfect icebreaking date to me. ;) A carnival is also alwa...  read more >>

  • melissa_baby_xo_ ( 38, Female / sugar baby / New Zealand )

    Coffee, beach and a bit of loving

  • Queenofme ( 37, Female / sugar baby / Missouri City, TX )

    Full of bite size entertainment Not empressing each other But learning how to have a good time

  • AmandaZhu ( 25, Female / sugar baby / New York, NY )

    I wish u can make some plan for 1st date ,go out and have some meal.... Like activity

  • Prettybrown1218 ( 30, Female / sugar baby / Los Angeles, CA )

    I love adventures. Rather than meeting at a seafood restaurant let's meet on a boat and catch our dinner! Rather than meeting at a bar let's go to a vineyard or a mixologist class. Let's do something fun together!

  • sariebear ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Seattle, WA )

    A nice dinner is always a good choice.. So are; Hikes Roller skating Anything to do with a beach Rock climbing Anything that involves riding a boat

  • Jamaicandoll ( 23, Female / sugar baby / Jamaica )

    A public but secluded environment that facilitates great conversation and great food.

  • Jreyes86 ( 32, Female / sugar baby / Winter Springs, FL )

    Warm breeze day outside table food and wine just to brake the ice.we should feel comfortable as we would with others we know in our I own life.

  • prettygirlie112 ( 24, Female / sugar baby / Kenner, LA )

    My first date would ideally be outside so we can enjoy the breeze and the day. Filled with flowing conversation where we can get to know each other on different levels.

  • Citygirl95 ( 22, Female / sugar baby / New York, NY )

    Some place casual. where we will have a good time and get to know more about each other..

  • Rainbowvibes ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Murfreesboro, TN )

    Going out and and exploring the city together wherever it takes us and ending in cuddly live.

  • Jceleste ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Franklin, TN )

    Something spontaneous. A surprise! I love surprises.