First Date Ideas

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  • Acelma ( 20, Sugar baby / Huntington, NY )

    Walks Exploring Taking photos Being by the water Art museums Cafes Galleries Restaurants Staying at home and relaxing Errands Sightseeing Shopping

  • blueeydangelofnm ( 29, Sugar baby / Los Alamos, NM )

    I love to be suprised!!! I am pretty open to anything!

  • puddles76 ( 40, Sugar baby / Navarre, FL )

    Sailing......... my answer any time any one ask me what I want to do. Lol one day Driving something fast, painting, something that gets blood moving and then a beverage and conversation

  • MsJack ( 23, Sugar baby / South Africa )

    I'm looking to have each other. .. know the arrangements and expectations.

  • ToriGentryy ( 19, Sugar baby / Brandon, FL )

    I believe in keeping it simple to get to know each other and to get comfortable with one another.

  • keykey20 ( 36, Sugar baby / Houston, TX )

    My date can be any where as long as it is fun

  • CallmeMissJ ( 26, Sugar baby / Henderson, NV )

    First date should definitely be casual.

  • Moniqueloves ( 36, Sugar baby / Littleton, CO )

    In a comfortable envirnment where we can laugh and be open to getting to know eachother.

  • Kenzerrrr ( 23, Sugar baby / Long Beach, CA )

    The zoo is my favorite place, and I would love to go on a date there! It's easy to walk and talk without being too high pressure or drawing too much attention while still being in public.

  • seshat ( 36, Sugar baby / Pulaski, TN )

    I'm open and adventurous. I think a first date should be an opportunity to see if there is chemistry, without any expectations.

  • blissfullex ( 26, Sugar baby / Chicago, IL )

    Long talk before lunch,lunch at a tasteful restaurant end with a kiss on the cheek.

  • Mikkiw3 ( 22, Sugar baby / Biloxi, MS )

    Go for a walk. Find a playground and swing while we talk to each other about our lives. Fly me to Paris. Doesn't matter to me

  • cathywolf ( 22, Sugar baby / Rosemead, CA )

    A walk along the beach would be nice (:

  • GlitterieMe ( 31, Sugar baby / Greenville, SC )

    ....... ....... ....... ....... ......

  • Raechel8 ( 20, Sugar baby / Harlow, England - Essex )

    Something fun! I like an adventurous first date, something that I will always remember (in a good way!)